Hotel Ristorante Eden a Baveno


The breakfast buffet includes delicious croissants, cakes, fresh fruit, eggs, sliced cold cuts, cheeses, different types of bread, yogurt, fruit juice, cappuccino, coffee, chocolate, milk, muesli, corn flakes and many other delights for your joy and to help you start the day with energy. .


The half board includes a buffet breakfast and dinner served in our restaurant inside. It will be a pleasure to propose you our menus that change every day and offers simple dishes at the same time tasty and light to enhance the natural flavors typical of Italian cuisine.


We wait for you every day in the welcoming Eden’s dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner to offer you a cuisine with local and Italian specialties. The special atmosphere, the friendliness of the warm and attentive service and the quality of the cuisine will make you feel the pleasure of true Italian hospitality.

Our history

The Hotel Restaurant Eden has belonged to my family for four generations. My great-grandfather Francesco Pagani founded our hotel in 1907 when offered hospitality was different and the comfort of today was considered a luxury.

My grandfather Luigi, Francesco’s son, carried on with passion the family business and got married Elda, daughter of the Clerici’s family, owners of a grocery store next to the hotel. They had 2 children: Francesco e Paola. After the war my grandmother Elda, with her sister in law Maria and her mother in law Cesarina run the restaurant and hotel with an admirable tenacity. In the 60’s my father Francesco, Luigi’s son, after different experience in other places, decided to engage in business family. With the unconditional and active support of his wife Gabriela and their sons Marco and Luca, Hotel Eden was enlarged annexing grocery store and new rooms were built, to respond to the request of increasing clientele. Since 2011 it is me, Luca Pagani, who carry on my father’s activity. Times have changed, the job is different but, today as yesterday, warm hospitality, land, traditions, cuisine, passion, smile are the real additional value that inspire Eden’s philosophy. I work every day to my guests, with passion and ambition, following the example of my father and the desire of always improve for making our guests feel at ease, for the pleasure of taking care of you.